Hello June! Yayy. I made it to the new month. I wrote to myself last year:

Then June will come around again

So my sorrow’s gonna end.


In June, grass has grown knee-high, thanks to little amount of rain and bright sun of incoming summer.

When I moved to the new house, I discovered behind it there comes a meadow of reeds and grass.. Same meadow as the album post Autumn’s Sweetheart.

I just purchased an old prime 24-mm f/2.8 lens for wider view for my portraits, very randomly after spending time searching and I love it so far.


Have I told you I love wandering and imagining there comes a person walking beside me, holding me tight, whispering that everything is gonna be alright – just as subtle as the jazz song distributed to my post Come away with me

I want to walk with you
On a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high
So won’t you try to come


The photos I took in this post are dedicated to my lovely friend-sister that always supports me in any means.

Photograph Flares-fair by Pearlie Nguyen on 500px

Flares-fair by Pearlie Nguyen on 500px

My featured photo of this album 🙂 the flares are naturally see-through by my new lens 🙂

We discussed about the album concept and emotions for the overall looks for her to become my portrait of this beautiful June.

My following plan is kept secret from every kind of media, but I would love to take my 1st baby photos in this reeds meadow, with helps from my friends in advance.

Smile 🙂

Pearlie ❤

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