Porcupine buddies

Cactus is my another lovechild of homegarden. Easy to care, lovely to look at, have many  spines that somehow describes myself in certain situations.

My childhood bestfriend’s nickname at home is Porcupine, so I name my cacti so, lovely aren’t they?

I love filling my workplace with various living objects, mini plants (as they grow bigger I will transfer them to my other gardens in terrace and ground floor then keep their babies with me for instance) 🙂


Hello sunshine! ❤

The types of cacti (Wiki)


another aspect

As far as I know, some electronic devices, such as computers, televisions, video recorders and DVD/CD players emit small amounts of EMF radiation.

Cacti are believed to be excellent absorbents of these emissions and can help ease minor headaches and reduce electromagnetic stress associated with EMF radiation. How it works is that the spines on a cactus apparently attract charged ions in the air and change ionization levels of a room.

So it is a great idea to keep a cactus or two on your desk and definitely next to your computer.

Therefore, I have many excuses to bring more and more porcupines home, don’t I?

Pearlie ❤

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