Pearlie’s corner v1.0

I moved my place twice in 4 months, a friend of my family advised me to have a place a little bit far from the city, which has nature, peace and privacy, of course.

I had stayed in a same place for 20 years, missing the old house is a bit, but missing the memory I’ve spent there, my childhood and all, is much harder to leave.

However, wherever I feel like home, I will spend time loving it in pieces, decoration is my favorite part of moving into a new house. After many events of my life, I know that it’s just me need to be loved by myself more. So I cut my daily life into pieces to share with the world, the ones I love, but mostly for myself, to remind me that I always have a place I can feel safe and sound – or in my words, “my corner of ideas”


Souvenirs: Eiffel Tower, the Merlion from Singapore, Dalat mirror, Thailand elephant, the Pearl-textured box of love, Belgium candlelight. The pinboard is handmade by me with spare wallpaper of my room.


The pink Rabbit plate for my jewelry storage.

My weirdo confession: I LOVEEE CARROTS, I can eat carrots like forever, raw or cooked, hard or soft, in any circumstances ~ sounds silly, but that’s me. So I think in past-life I am a rabbit (silly thought no2).


I made some European floral set for the entrance hall, behind his the post holder for the paying bills, letters that haven’t read, and the key set holder because I am so forgetful to put keys everywhere 🙂 .


My little herb garden for some weeks back when I just gather some mini plant from neighborhood, now it outgrew to a pretty big garden, I replace the mint plant to other place, and have more rosemary in those fences, the smell is amazing esp at night. I will have some post about gardening later. 


My self-built living room decor and TV set: all the hanging pictures is hand-drawn by me and I print onto a board, I love the concept of Buddha and lotus, it soothes my mind when being home in a stressful mode.

The LED TV I found in the sale season of LG’s, so worth the price (even I have to pay by monthly save-ups which hurts my wallet), movie watching, video and graphic editing, football seasons.. all are perfect!

My place become more like my own gallery of designing, drawing and photography.

So far it’s my fav spots, I want to record it here, in my blog, I haven’t shared with anyone but myself..

The other parts of my house, I am still upgrading until I feel pleased, so stay tuned.


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