Medicine Life – May2015 Issue

Medicine Life (“Nhịp sống Y khoa” in Vietnamese) is the quarterly issue powered by VNMED – my company alongside with other fellows who also working in Medicine in Vietnam. It was born from the idea of having a place where students, doctors, professors and whoever concerns about true-medicine (trusted, scientifically proven, and evidence-based) can meet, discuss and develop for a better society.

Our goals including translating, publishing the newest Medical information in the well-trusted sources, enclosing the gap of Academic Medicine and Society, teaching specific skills for Medical Staffs and Students, we find that a quarterly issue is suitable for the recent time.

Magazine Cover for May 2015’s issue


Models: Medical students in Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine – the photo was taken at Children Hospital II – Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam by Pearlie Nguyen

As a Editor-in-Chief, and Designing group leader, myself Pearlie know that it is just the beginning of a very long road ahead for our works to become recognized, strong and sustainable. All the editorial board are also doctors, students and secretary in different fields, but our team-company believe that, together as one, we can make a difference, step-by-step, time-through-time.


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