While you slept the oceans wept and the moon told tales of glory.

While you slept the darkness crept but that’s another story

Where memories splutter into emotions, melting down into a sea of words

Oh baby, where you’d be right now?

The lullaby for a pretty-much my imaginary little friend in my dreams.

I call him Little Prince. He calls me Lil’Pearlie (too many “L” sounds 🙂 )

He seems never sleep, he seems wander around the places I like and he likes. Lullaby is somehow a medicine for his highness when he’s super curious and asking about every little thing and I do not want to answer all at once.

The world of Inception-like – My world that dreams and fairy tales come true, and imagination is endless, there are no boundaries of languages or religions.

I have that world of my own. The world that stops when you wake up. I used to fall asleep for a full 2 days after a terrible accident and haven’t waken up until I realized what I left is still undone. At that time, I met the Little Prince. He is so lonely. Just very similar to the Le Petit Prince I used to read when I was little, so that comes my name for him.  We don’t talk with words, we communicate with each other by feelings. In the real physical world where I am a 23-year-old girl, I feel him by my side, unheard, unseen, but existed.

The story of Little Prince, you can call it fiction, but bringing him into life and writing is something I should do before he’s gone somewhere that I cannot reach.

I wonder when will he fall asleep, he likes taking short naps between travelling. While I pull my hands around him, slipping my fingers through his shiny hair, reading him a lullaby (yeah, read, because my singing sucks), he closes his eyes and repeats everything I say. I fall asleep and he’s gone.

So this post is dedicated for you, Little Prince. Sometimes I think you should take a serious-nap. I love you, in a very strange way, you are so small that I can put you into my backpack, but you are my little soul of secrets and story-telling inspiration.

Sleep tight, my baby. 🙂

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